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Used Therapist for Over A Year, Got Solution Within 2 Hours (July 2020)

"Feeling like I'm not enough..."

She was a US-based business coach and it was not possible for her to write or say anything about her business service with clarity and she also had lack of confidence issue.

After talking for about an hour on call and chat, she was given a solution according to what she was suffering and needed in order to move ahead in her coaching business.

Within 2 Hours, Resolved Years of Niche-Defining Mindset Problem (July 2020)

He was a well experienced serial expert creative designer who had over a decade of experiences but he was stuck in "defining and finding niche" for his freelancing business service.

This was holding him back for years and he was never able to prepare his exact service and had no confidence to start offering on Fiverr marketplace.

He always used to think about defining and finding his niche based on traditional advice like "only for doctors, only for realtors, only for engineers".

He couldn't perceive that he's already an expert in providing his services and he doesn't need such of any niche which were holding him back for a long time.

He already had some of his best designs with him but he couldn't make it all organize, prepare and go ahead in hunting clients using his existing skills and expertise due to blockage.

During 1:1 legendary chat and call conversation, I could see it very clearly and within 2 hours I had changed his perspective, shifted mindset and re-aligned everything from top to bottom so he could see exactly what he was already capable of for his clients.

Screenshot is what I designed for him during conversation and here is an explanation about it.

I told him what he was already an expert in and then defined and reflected back his exact service for him.

It resulted out in complete removal of all real estate, medical type industries being his complication to "pick" and resulted in welcoming any industry except whichever he "dislikes" (and to mention it clearly on his service page so clients can clearly see what type of industries he doesn't like to work with, and the rest could contact and approach him).

I also explained him how he can use his BEFORE | AFTER designs and use as portfolio within this service.

And told him to utilize related expertise as an additional extra add on within defined services.

Services were easily defined by how he wanted to split within 2 or 3 core packages.

His mental block was shattered away and he was out of mental prison. It was a complete paradigm shift so he was happy to proceed for creating what he always wanted but couldn't understand before due to complication and confusion of "defining a niche" for his freelancing business service.

After a day, I received a message from him that he has created and launched his service, prepared packages, setup portfolio and executed on Fiverr, this is the RESULT.

Stupidly Loving a Boy Resolved Within An Hour (July 2020)

"I'm stupidly loving a boy from the past 2 years but he loves another girl....."

She was stuck in a bad relationship for a boy and couldn't get rid of this mental pain.

Within an hour of having 1:1 legendary chat conversation her problem resolved.

Afraid to Sleep, Solved After One Conversation (July 2020)

"I am afraid to sleep, because I always dreaming a bad events.", this is how it began when he approached me from Philippines.

It was just a matter of single 1:1 legendary chat conversation and his problem resolved and he slept well after his fear was shattered down.

A Heart Broken Guy by A Girl, Resolved (May 2020)

"Last year my friend just left me without telling me what I did that made her anger I've been trying to get over her but I can't..."

It started way before and ended up later that you can notice with differences in dates because he went out of communication in between however, it was done within few hours according to the time we were in conversation based on overall chat period.

Camera Shyness to Camera Speaking Within 1-Hour

A massage therapist shy business woman was nervous about her look. She had no courage to use camera and create online video courses for her business on social media and internet.

Within an hour, she was out of her shell and life changed.

She created and launched her online video course.

Struggled for a Week, Disappeared Automatically Within 1-Hour Remotely

She contacted me about a YouTube channel issue

I asked her to check something while I was in connection on the chat. Suddenly her problem of one week was solved by the grace of Allah.

Read the words written by her "I have been trying all week. Perhaps you are a magician!!!"

Note: I'm not a magician.

Mindset Shifting on Social Media

Feeling Bad About Herself (July 2020)

"Old shame story about myself -- and now a major impetus for my new story"

She was feeling ashamed about herself.

It was just a matter of giving her reflection to go deep inside her mindset so that she could realize what she was unable to perceive.

Overwhelmed, Stupid & Alone, Changed Perspective & Mindset Within 2-Hours (May 2020)

"I know that I'm capable of achieving great things in my life. I would do anything for anyone. But, why can't I fight this fight for myself? I'm so tired of feeling overwhelmed, anxious, stupid, alone, and this damn fear all the time...it's stopping me from living"

For the trouble she was in, it was only a matter of time from hearing me before she turned her attention to the truth and her mindset shifted, which made her realize that the problem and trouble she was considering was something else.

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