Curing incurable patients wirelessly without any instruments through legendary team by the command of ALLAH!

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Dealing in Incurable Cases

Coronavirus, Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Brain Damaged, Congenital Blindness, Paralysis, Asthma, Diabetic, Thalassemia, Physical Disability, Etc.

How it Works?

1. Send incurable patient's details

Send video recording of incurable patient with patient's name, mother name, age, city and duration of disease as well as explain the current condition properly (also show medical test reports in video if available).

2. Get started for one-week only

Place an order by depositing Rs. 30,000/= in provided bank's account and send payment's receipt to legendary freelancer so the legendary cure process will begin within minutes after payment's confirmation.

3. See the result and decide yourself

Within a week, you'll see improvement* in condition of incurable patient through legendary team by the mercy of ALLAH!

* Based on percentage of improvement in a week by ALLAH, continue paying weekly fee for bringing further improvement in your incurable patient's condition as much as you want.

Results by the Command of ALLAH!

Remotely Stabilized Unstable Ventilator Patient in 7 Hours And Vent Off by ALLAH! (June 7, 2020)

Patient Location: Lahore, Pakistan

Problem: CCU room ventilator patient in unstable saturation even after 2 days efforts of best medical doctors

Result: ALLAH stabilized unstable ventilator patient condition in CCU room within 7 hours through legendary freelancer and ALLAH stabilized unstable oxygen saturation on ventilator machine within 5 hours through legendary lights so the patient was taken off the mechanical ventilation within 30 hours ~ in less than 2 days.

Remotely Cured Damaged Kidneys of Coronavirus Ventilator Patient in 24 Hours by ALLAH! (May 29, 2020)

Patient Location: Peshawar, Pakistan

Problem: A patient on ventilator machine in ICU room in critical condition whose kidneys and lungs were damaged by coronavirus according to medical doctor and reported by patient's relative to legendary freelancer.

Result: ALLAH cured damaged kidneys within 24 hours and statement of medical doctor changed to patient's relative later on that kidneys are not damaged while according to medical doctor kidneys were damaged before.

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