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Zeeshan [Legendary Freelancer]

Dr. Legend Zeeshan

Zeeshan Arshad is a Pakistani Renaissance Muslim Man, Spiritual Muslim Scientist, Doctor of Nature, Writer, Researcher and Debater of Islam through Nature in the 21st century by the mercy of Allah (اللہ).

The World's Only Muslim Man for Corona in public whose body had been endowed 100% divine corona immunity forever by ALLAH (اللہ) WAHID AL-QAHAR

He has brought to the world, the most unbelievable transformational & spiritual wireless services of the 21st century.

Powered by ALLAH (اللہ) WAHID AL QAHAR

Doctor of Nature

International Achievements

  • vWorkers Top 1% Freelancer - Ranked #177 among 290,940+ Competitors
  • Top Web Services Provider - 5/5 Stars, 450+ Web Projects, 510+ Reviews
  • Udemy Premium Instructor - 5+ Courses, 35K+ Students, 2K+ Reviews
  • Quora Writer - 1K+ Answers to Questions
  • Reviewer of 400+ Virtual Reality Games
  • 20+ years of experience in working with international clients
  • 5+ years in online teaching through video courses
  • 25 years of experience with video gaming industry
  • 10 years in research and debates on gods & religions through nature
  • Can communicate in English, Urdu and Roman Hindi
  • 2003, Intermediate Diploma in Business Administration