Legendary Freelancer [Powered by ALLAH]

In the 21st Century

Legendary Freelancer was founded in 2020 by Zeeshan Arshad, continues to be the only spiritual platform of the world where people can get access to elite level legendary services. Legendary Freelancer maintains services, results, testimonials and miracles done with the Help of Allah the Ancient Holy Mighty King of Universe as well as training courses and resources to help Muslim gamers, freelancers and solopreneurs, specially multi-talented thinkers aka Jack-of-All-Trades (better than master of one) upgrade their real life characters to become more powerful by the Mercy of Allah.

Story Behind Starting LegendaryFreelancer.com

This website originated when Zeeshan turned to Pakistan for rising the Muslim freelancers and encountered emotional mental death and got resurrected again by the Command of Ancient Holy King of Universe to return again!

He heard that there is no solution to come out from the mental prison and one must use medicines, consult medical doctors, certified psychologists and therapists etc. and he was constantly bombarded with theories of coaches and gurus (specially from Americans) who wanted to sell their info books, courses, coaching programs, etc but he REJECTED all of them and continued his own spiritual and transformational journey in the Light of Ancient Holy Book Quran with strong faith only in ALLAH WAHID AL QAHAR

With curiosity, his exploration changed and he started experiencing unbelievable events and meet Allah and last Prophet Muhammadﷺ in his dreams, which led to increasing his faith and confidence to continue his mysterious journey.

Declaration of Principles:


Zeeshan does not have any medical degree or certification from any worldly institute of the world for life coaching, counseling, psychology, therapy, healing, science. He helps people for their benefits using his natural gifts by the Mercy of Allah. All his spiritual results and powerful miracles belong exclusively to Allah the Greatest.