Can Anyone Bring the Dead Back to Life?

I was reading an answer regarding this question on a website where the question was originally asked "Can you revive a dead person?" and instead of answering that question directly the person who asked question the write addressed his own crafted question "Can anyone bring the dead back to life?"

And at the end of his answer this claim was written

"No human being can claim that he is able to bring the dead back to life. If anyone claims that, then here are the Messengers, Prophets and great men who died – let him bring them back to life if his claim is true!"

By answering the question and making above claim the mufti or sheikh whoever was behind the scene since the name was not written in public, he made it clear that he cannot revive a dead person at all.

So it is pretty clear that such answers write are not on that level to be even able to claim for resurrection, forget about praying for resurrection from such Muslim scholars.

Now if according to his claim "No human being can claim that he is able to bring the dead back to life." then Legendary Freelancer's resurrection service is a practical proof that resurrection as business service has been offered, which is much higher level than a claim so claim of that Muslim scholar has been refuted forever by the Mercy of Allah.

As far as second part of his statement is concerned "If anyone claims that, then here are the Messengers, Prophets and great men who died – let him bring them back to life if his claim is true! " then he did he not use common sense before saying such statement?

What will such muftis do against atheists when they will say that your Allah has claimed in Quran at many places regarding His resurrection ability and powers?

Legendary Claims of Legendary ALLAH in Legendary Quran

30.40 — Allah is the One who created you, then gave sustenance to you, then He will make you dead, then He will make you alive. Is there any one from your ‘partners of God’ who can do anything of that? Pure is He, and far higher than what they associate.

22.6 — That is because Allah is the truth, and that He gives life to the dead, and that He is powerful to do everything.

10.34 — “Is there any one from your ‘associate-gods’ who originates the creation, then brings it again? To where then, are you being turned away?”

21.21 — Or have they adopted gods from the earth, who raise the dead?

2.28 — How is it that you deny Allah, while you were lifeless and He gave you life; then He will make you die, and then He will make you live again, and then to Him you will be returned?

22.66 — He is the One who gave life to you, then He brings death to you, then He will give you life Surely, man is very ungrateful.

3.145 — It is not the choice of a person to die without the will of Allah, death being a time-bound destiny.

In the Light of Verses of Quran it is very clear that Allah has made so many extraordinary claims regarding raising the dead by His Power & Command.

So it is definitely possible for Allah to bring back dead people back to life very easily and He has done it practically in the past as well.

Legendary Event of Resurrection of Dead Donkey

2.259 — Or, the example of the one who passed through a town that had collapsed on its roofs. He said: “How shall Allah revive this after it is dead?” So, Allah made him dead for a hundred years, then raised him saying: “How long did you remain (in this state)?” He said: “I remained for a day or part of a day”. Said He: “Rather, you remained (dead) for a hundred years. Just look at your food and your drink; it has not spoiled. Now look at your donkey. (We did) this to make you a sign for people! Look at the bones, how We raise them, then dress them with flesh.” So, when it was clear to him, he said: “I know that Allah is Powerful over everything.”

Legendary Event of Resurrection of Dead Birds

2.260 — when Ibrāhīm said: “My Lord, show me how You give life to the dead.” He said: “Is it that you do not believe?’’ He said: “Of course, I do, but it is just to make my heart at peace.’’ He said: “Then take four birds and tame them to your call, then put on every mountain a part from them, then give them a call, and they shall come to you rushing, and know that Allah is Mighty, Wise.’’

So it is now clear that Allah raised the dead birds and dead donkey in front of the eyes of two humans who were Prophets of Allah for the purpose of increasing their faith in Resurrection and also satisfy their heart that Allah is capable of Resurrection whenever He wills.

Now let suppose the atheist say that "If Allah claims that, then here are the Messengers, Prophets and great men who died – let Allah bring them back to life if his claim is true!" then will such muftis be able to prove claims of Allah against atheists through practical or take back their words that "No human being can claim that he is able to bring the dead back to life."?

Or will such muftis accept that Allah is not able to do that and leave Islam upon getting defeated by atheists on their practical challenge?

OR will such muftis demonstrate resurrection in reality to refute the claim and demand of atheists?

Keep in mind that most Muslim scholars are not able to use their common sense when it comes to the topic of DEAD, RESURRECTION and AFTERLIFE because they are very restricted in their bookish knowledge and have no sense of real miracles and practical signs of Allah so never believe in their fabricated claims.

If they will atheists in reality then such muftis will not be able to defend so many claims of Allah mentioned in Quran related to practical and miracles.

When you have Legendary Freelancer in the world then have not doubt in Resurrection from Allah after purchasing the service.

Date Published: Oct 30, 2022


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