How Can You Have Clarity on What You Really Want in Life

There are several methods but I’ll try to share my personal experiences. Try whatever you want to perform and see the result yourself — at least they worked for me.


One fastest way to get clarity is to “write” — I don’t care if you can write in a text file or on a paper but DO WRITE — I can’t tell you how many times I read about it from other people but I was too lazy to open that notepad or pick my journal.

However, whenever I tried to write in a text document or on a paper or using a chat box to express my issue with someone else (never posted because I had got clarity by the time I had written it) or opening a whatsapp screen of a relative to talk about my issue (and again got clarity by the time I was writing and then erased it).


Thinking about helping others or have many ideas? — do post on Facebook in relevant groups — you might have several ideas or plans to help people and you may assume that they are awesome ideas.

However, after posting your idea (assuming back in your head that people will rush over to you and start begging for help) — you’ll be shocked and discover that people don’t really care about you and your ideas at all — the way you were assuming.

You’ll start realizing that you’ve wasted a lot of time in thinking how great your plan or idea is that actually — resulted in a retired and fail one.

So start clearing your pending list — post and embrace failing, post next embrace failing and being stupid — prepare next strategy quickly and keep moving by eliminating useless one.


Finish that next thing you’ve been thinking for several months or years, making your life painful and stressful and you are not sleeping well — considering that you BADLY want to go ahead with this thing throughout your life — but it will remain with you until you are not finishing and releasing it.

You’ll realize that many of your next things (ideas) aren’t actually the real one that you badly wanted to continue for your life — you’ll end up IGNORING it after you’ve finally RELEASED it to the public — because you’ll get clarity that it was just an illusion of interest or non-serious desire — it was not the real passion or interest that you were willing to continue — It was just a desire — not your real purpose.


You also get clarity when you try to talk to someone one-on-one and try to explain your situation — I discovered it when I used to talk to my wife, or brother or sister (one-on-one) and I unlocked that I was giving clarity to myself while expressing and telling them the issues.

NOTE: Avoid talking to someone who is trying to degrade you or make fun of you or insult you or call you an idiot or confused — I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone through this phase and it hurts rather than helping you much — talking to someone is only useful for one purpose. When you need a burst of negative and anger energy to overcome your laziness and channelize it to create something then talk to negative people who can ignite fire of actions and you’ll speed up yourself from 10 mph to 100 mph and do wonders (not possible in normal lazy condition).


Try to read “questions” (as on Quora) and start writing answers from your experiences and you’ll be amazed to see clarity coming through your way and in fact you also get more understanding too — or try to talk to someone who is looking for help and talk to him then answer to his/her question from your experience — you’ll discover more clarity for yourself as well.


I’ve had a lot of confusion about so many decisions about so many things — I wasted countless hours, months or even years with thousands of notes I never used so far — whenever I tried to do what I’ve been thinking for a long time but not doing — I got clarity.


If you don’t have clarity chances are you might have several of your notes, files or stuff disorganized. You need to make proper CATEGORIES and start organizing your different things from different places within those categories.

You’ll start getting clarity by the time you’ll start organizing your disorganized stuff and you’ll look at them in a different way than before.


I’ve been a high achiever in my life and went to the extreme in many areas but there was a time when everything back fired to me and I wasn’t admitting that I’m so weak even after having all such high achievements — the day I was becoming vulnerable I was feeling like healing myself and getting more clarity on purpose — become vulnerable (it’s the most difficult thing I still face being a high achiever and strong introvert but see how I tried to write and express myself now as I’m overcoming this habit)


If you’re confused and have so many interests as well as confused about earning in your life then here is how I got clarity about this area.

It is now my past and I’ve gone through several stages of clarity but I had recorded it in real time and I hope it can give you some useful points and structure of how you can apply the technique for your situation. (this video is not available now, I may find it in my record then update this article later on so stay tuned for it)


Go through your browser’s bookmarks, YouTube search history, Facebook comment history, Google search history, etc. and try to observe what you’ve been doing so far in your life — your one secret is hidden there — When I was using browser’s history I could see my interests and I was thinking that I’ve finally discovered my passion but it wasn’t true until one day I unlocked that all my history is actually showing a trait to my real passion and purpose which ultimately lead me to break the pattern.


What have you been doing in your spare time when you’re not getting payment? I don’t care if that is watching movies, playing games or wasting your time but there MUST be something you DO beside watching movies or playing games — there is your true passion and want, calling you.

Date Published: Apr 07, 2023


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