Bringing Dead Back to Life

Most people who are very inspired by modern scientists assume that one day scientists will be able to bring dead people back to life.

Cryonics Institute of America is also working with medical experts on this mission with hope to revive the dead people.

However, it will never be possible through medical science once the soul has been taken away from human body by Angel of Death.

Further, decomposition process can never be stopped through medical science even though dead bodies can be modified through chemicals, embalming and waxes etc but it won't keep dead bodies into their original state ever in fresh and healthy condition like a real human.

However, Allah the Holy King of Universe keeps dead bodies of all his righteous believers in fresh and natural healthy condition even with fresh blood and it is a naturally proven fact.

That is work by ALLAH who creates and controls "Nature" which is being studied by students of science.

No soul can ever be restored back into dead body of any human, animal, bird or insect without the permission of ALLAH (اللہ) the King of Souls.

There is only one exception that true Muslims the Righteous believers of Allah can also restore souls into dead body by the Command of Allah.

It has been done in past throughout history whether someone believes on it or not.

Some remarkable Muslims with Spiritual Powers performed resurrection with Help of Allah.

▪Holy Prophet Masih Eesa
▪Muslim Saint Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jeelani
▪Muslim Saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti

They resurrected dead by the Command of Allah because Allah was happy from them and helped them accomplish resurrection by His mercy.

Resurrection of dead is not possible through medical science and worshippers of artificial gods.

Date Published: Apr 14, 2023


Zeeshan Arshad

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