Self-Esteem by Prophet Muhammadﷺ and Muslim Leaders

This is one of the most important issue with freelancers and entrepreneurs who are very shy, socially awkward and struggling to find their worth.

While self-esteem, self-worth, self-confidence type of words are being used widely in so many conversations and talks and I also struggled with it in my life but...

Instead of sharing my views on it as an article I'd prefer sharing here some of the most amazing videos I have found from various Muslim leaders (and even some non-Muslims without any discrimination) so that you can get rid of this self-esteem or self-image type of issue forever today, inshaAllah by the Mercy of Allah (اللہ)

Please note that I am not sharing every single video but only those who I found very useful and simple and easy to understand for myself so that I can make sure you are not bombarded with every random videos from the internet but only piece of gems, worth listening to it.

So Goodluck & wish you all the best!

How to Fight Low Self Esteem (How Did Prophet Muhammadﷺ Dealt with It?)
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Apni Qabliyat Maapny Ka Myaar - Ho to Know your Self-Worth by Sahid Adeem
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Self Respect Karna Seeke by Mufti Tariq Masood
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The Truth of Self-Esteem by Tony Robbins
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Date Published: Jun 02, 2023


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