Why Did I Leave Adobe Dreamweaver After 20 Years

One of the worst game in this world through corporate companies is that they want to keep capture their users for continuous money no matter what tactics they have to play.

While on the other hand, there are billions of poor people on planet earth who cannot afford to pay for high quality premium software such as Adobe Dreamweaver to continue their web development with ease.

But the story does not end here. Time to time, these corporate companies release their version. Is that an issue? No, but the actual issue is that when they bring something new they also FORCE users to eliminate previous version such as Microsoft FORCES uses to NOT use Windows 7 which has been the perfect window experience for me so far, way better than Windows 10 or 11.

I liked Windows 7 but FORCEFULLY they brought users into Windows 10 and now whether they want to not, a FORCE UDATE is PUSHED no matter if users want to update or not, no other choice.

It was not the case before Windows 7, and I have been an active user of Windows since Windows NT 3 so I know how much have been evolved into IT industry.

Anyway, similarly corporate sectors create their rules and ELIMINATE any software whenever they DESIRE no matter how smart it was for users.

The Greatest example of it is Adobe Fireworks, once of the most finest graphic editing software which was simple and ease to use as compared to the complicated and complex Adobe Photoshop.

But did Adobe company care the users? No, absolutely NOT!

The ditched out Adobe Fireworks, stopped giving any support and update and slowly this premium quality finest graphic editing software died for new comers, former web developers know how Adobe Fireworks was the best tool for making graphics and work for web pages.

One of the best thing I used to love with Dreamweaver was its clean white coding interface and ability to switch between Code vs Design view mode which I never found in any other web page creation software up to the level and quality of Adobe Dreamweaver.

However, despite this fact, when I needed to work with a low end laptop for my web development work with Windows 7 then I realized how difficult it is to work with Adobe Dreamweaver on older versions of Windows and how old users or let say how poor people would be suffering to work with high quality programming because they cannot access Dreamweaver and not even run it fine on their cheap and low end laptops or PC.

As an alternate, what I did? I installed <a href="https://notepad-plus-plus.org/">Notepad++</a> and slowly transitioned into that by actually coding through it for my websites and after revamping some of my websites, I realized that I no longer need Adobe Dreamweaver anymore because I could write code with my imagination and do not require Design view anymore as well.

A simple Notepad++ with coding ability and web browser (e.g. Google) was enough to allow me continue my web development journey for the purpose I require making professional and responsive custom websites.

It is not that I am not aware of <a href="https://code.visualstudio.com/">Visual Studio Code</a> but this software also did not run on that laptop with Windows 7. It is required Microsoft .NET Framework and other libraries while when  tried with .NET framework, it did not run on that laptop and I was unable to use Visual Studio Code on that laptop as well.

That made me realized once again, the power of simplicity and old-fashioned tools and softwares which are ENOUGH for programming.

I am not much fan of every trending app or software or tool or framework ever since I have been seeing how they come and die and their fans yell about their pros and cons. If my clients are happy with their desired result for their businesses and I can custom code their softwares then who cares what is coming in the market and who are chasing them?

Most clients are non-technical and they have no awareness of underlying technologies so a web developer must be competent enough to NOT rely on things which will ADD COMPLEXITY LAYERS instead of making things EASIER and SIMPLER.

There is already so much noise on social media and I feel that it is time to go back to old-fashioned classic development suits and ditch out complicated softwares &amp; tools from library no matter what those so-called gurus are saying or speaking about them for the sake of popularity and making money or even look like "PRO" ... no we don't need your pro stuff, keep themselves to you, we need SIMPLICITY and OK to live with simple tools.

The tools which even a poor person can use to start programming to support his family by making money on the internet as freelancer.

Date Published: Jun 19, 2023


Zeeshan Arshad

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