Blood Donors Pakistan

By the Mercy of ALLAH (اللہ)

If you need a blood donor or multiple donors for your blood relative(s) and do not know where to go and how to find them then here is how you can find them for your blood relative(s)

Facebook Groups

List of some Facebook groups related to blood donation where you can join and post your message and InshaAllah by the mercy of Allah the Greatest you will get donors for your critical icu/ccu patient. If you need more groups then simply visit Facebook and search with keyword "blood donors" which will display many groups that you can join.


Here are some websites which are being operated to connect donors with those who are looking for blood so visit them and contact blood donors listed on their websites.

If you want to find more websites then simply search on Google with following keywords

Mobile Apps

These are some Android mobile apps through which you can find blood donors near around you so take advantage of it by installing them and try them out, wish you all the best to get connected with someone who will help you by the permission and command of Allah the Most Gracious.


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