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Written by: Zeeshan Arshad

By the Mercy of Allahﷻ

Legendary Freelancer (لیجنڈری فری لانسر پاکستان)

The aim of this group is to help shy freelancers dare to share their work in public without fear of being judged for their creative or extraordinary work so that they can get FREE feedback or ideas about their work whether it is an article, poem, poetry, music, talent, art, video, film, speaking, etc. Join this group to share your hidden work with the world.

Learn Freelancing with Hisham Sarwar

Facebook group by Hisham Sarwar, a freelancer with over $1 million in earnings. You can ask your questions about the problems you face while doing freelancing.

Ashraf Chaudhry Freelancers Group

Ashraf Chaudhry Freelancers Group is created to help and support the community.

Syed Muhammad Ahmad FREE Freelance Learning

Facebook group by Syed Muhammad Ahmed aka "Batman of Sales & Copywriting". The purpose of this group is to grow and improve your freelancing results. It is a place to share resources, and connect with other freelancers on your journey to create a profitable online business.

Learn with Sohail Sardar

Learn how to earn via freelancing, blogging, youtube, e-commerce, dropshiping & affiliates marketing.

Freelancing with Iram

You'll get tips about freelancing, Fiverr, content writing, and more. Feel free to ask your queries.

Learn Freelancing With Samina Rizwan

A learning Hub by Samina Rizwan where you'll be learning the strategies to earn money while staying at home.

Young Freelancers By Syed Ahsan

This group is created to help Young Freelancers of Pakistan (YFP).

Armash Kamal: Learn Copywriting, Lead Generation, and Freelancing

This group is created for helping fellow Pakistani brothers and sisters to get insider tips, tricks, and secrets to become a successful freelancer. You will also learn high-income skills such as Copywriting and Lead Generation which you can leverage to start earning $3000 or more every month. Also Live Q&A Videos!

Learn Freelancing with Rabia Abbas

She is associated with National Freelance Traininng Program and Punjab Skills Development Fund. You can join her group to learn about freelancing and online income.

Art of Freelancing by Hamid Tariq

This group is to empower and create employment for the younger generation. His soul objective is to help the people especially young generation to develope skill set on how to make money online by freelancing through his knowledge and practical experiences.