How do I start working as a freelancer?

Written by: Zeeshan Arshad

By the Mercy of Allahﷻ

You can start working on any freelancing platform with following major steps.


1. Get Ready: Prepare yourself with a computer/laptop, get better internet connection (absolutely must) + have good English reading, writing and understanding skills (speaking isn’t necessary at all)


2. Setup for Payment: get a bank account (and register yourself with Payoneer if required by your freelancing platform)


3. Pick Any Freelancing Platform (doesn’t matter which one, pick ONE then stick to establish yourself there first) + better if you can get their membership or package to bid more and start applying with full mental freedom without any stress, the more you will apply through your custom proposals the better chance you will have to be accepted by your prospects for them to become your clients.


4. Setup Your Profile and READ THEIR TERMS (do not underestimate this to realize later when you are suspended by doing something against their terms)


5. Start Finding Your Projects and Start Writing Proposals (do NOT spam, try to discuss with your prospects in problems about their challenges and requirements and understand it carefully) on projects in which you are passionate and confident about to work and deliver the result required by your clients.


6. Stay Online on Platform: You should not be lazy to let your prospect talk to someone else otherwise you will have less chances to be successful, be very proactive in your communication with your prospect and prompt reply to close the deal.


7. DO NOT GIVE UP: Start could be hard, but you have to be consistent in order to grow. Slow and steady, hunt and grow.

These are essential steps to start as online freelancer on any platform of your choice.