How You Can Sell Any Skill to Make Money Online

Written by: Zeeshan Arshad

By the Mercy of Allahﷻ

Today, I'm going to share with you how you can know where to sell your creative work within minutes.

No matter what skill you have, simply type these keywords "Sell your" on Google

And combine it with any keyword related to what you want to sell

For example

Sell your idea
Sell your voice
Sell your content
Sell your photos
Sell your products
Sell your audio
Sell your graphic
Sell your calligraphy
Sell your book
Sell your course
Sell your video
Sell your mobile
Sell your documents
sell your website

Even if you type just "sell your" Google will show you many ideas for various keywords when you will type a or b or c after using the words "sell your"

For example

sell your a
will show you

sell your app
sell your articles online
sell your art
sell your assignments online

sell your b
will show you

sell your business
sell your books
sell your brand

sell your c
will show you

sell your code
sell your car online
sell your clothes online

Sell your WHATEVER (now do not type it, it means keep this knowledge in your mindset forever and use it for your advantage for any skill you have now or will have in future)

It will save your life and a lot of time for wasting on social media to ask someone tell you how to make money through what you have.

I have been asked by so many women into my inbox regarding their creative skills such as where to sell voice over work

This way, you will find many websites regarding selling your work

No matter if you are practicing a skill or you are already a professional but you got the idea what to do so next time do not ask me or someone what platform is there to sell what you want.

You have plenty of websites beside typical old-fashioned freelancing websites such as Fiverr/Freelancer/Upwork which are just playing a role of middle man to help people connect each others, that's it.

Freelancing is beyond any platform, it is your wireless business on the go using all your existing skills, mindset, creativity and the results that you can bring to help other businesses grow for increasing their revenue.

OR use them into your advantage for making passive income on the side work while doing your freelance business online.

Go step into making money through your skills as an independent creative professional from the comfort of your home.

Be thankful to ALLAH the Mighty King of Universe ❤️
He is the one behind this knowledge who gave me idea to write.

Without His taufeeq, I could not share this knowledge.