Stop Proving Yourself Dumb Enough

Written by: Zeeshan Arshad

By the Mercy of Allahﷻ

I often see that many people jump on posts to speak against the writers who dare to share or express their feelings or thinking through their words.


Such group of people who try to criticize so badly to prevent writers from showing up act smart for proving themselves very professional but they actually prove themselves dumb.


They do not use their common sense that in a writer group where the title is "Authors Supporting Authors" one must support and encourage writers to express whatever they want to say without feeling hesitant from random toxic people around on the internet.


But I see that many so-called writers act childish and toxic to throw their own insecurity and negativity on other writers who are even trying to bring their work in public.


I want to say them one thing that you have no rights to silence the sound of shy writers and they can write about anything they want whether you like or dislike.


And I also want to tell this to all fearful shy writers who do not dare to share their words/posts/comments/questions/ etc due to fear of being judged that stop living a coward life and start showing yourself with COURAGE!!!


Stop letting your haters win against you

Start crushing them away from your path

Unleash Warrior Within You

Show Them. Who. You. Are!

Find Your Own Legend