The Power of Perspective: How to Refocus Your Attention on What Matters

By the Mercy of ALLAH (اللہ)

If you have any issue that is causing you to feel bad about the work that you have done and you are thinking about replacing the whole work by revamping it into something new then hold on a moment!

Do you really need to replace that whole section or page or area or just that exact issue which is making you feel inadequate about your piece of work?

Most often it is that small tiny issue which forces us to think negatively about our own hard-earned work and piece that we consider dropping from our path.

Such as in my case, when working on a webpage of list of articles, I wanted to replace the whole page to get rid of it in order to revamp the whole page with new style.

However, by bringing my FOCUS into that SPECIFIC issue which was causing me feel bad about my webpage, I was able to see the EXACT reason and the moment I simply added a margin space with bootstrap class the moment the issue DISAPPEARED!

But what happened into my mindset?

Within seconds, I was feeling VERY GOOD about that same page. Why?

Why did I hate that same page before?
Why in a sudden I was liking that same page after?

What is the difference between these moments?

This real experience taught me that sometimes the issue is not as big as our mindset reframe it within ourselves and make us feel sooooo negative about it while in reality it is not.

It was just a matter of IGNORING whole page, IGNORING all thoughts, IGNORING all negativity and only FOCUSING into IMPROVING that small area which was LOOKING BAD, and in a sudden the same area was LOOKING GOOD!

Making an impressive impact in my mindset and caused me to write this article for you to help you understand how our mindset deceive us about our own work sometimes.

So always be careful and do not just hate full work that you have done whether that is your article, content, blog page, design, video trailer, short film etc, do not criticize it too much yourself unless that is truly real.

Get out from this trap and stay progressing in your life.

Written by Zeeshan Arshad