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Free Courses by Zeeshan Arshad (Legendary Freelancer)

Legendary Cure Skill for Healing Incurable Diseases

Create PHP/AJAX Advanced Email Subscription Form in 40 Min

Convert Websites HTML to PHP in 40 Minutes for Web Designers

Learn HTML by Creating Web Pages in 85 Minutes for Beginners

Learn Practical HTML in Hindi / Urdu in 55 Minutes

Learn Dark Side & Bright Side of Freelancing in 60 Minutes

Unlock 6-7 Figure Freelancer Mindset in 35 Minutes

10X FREELANCING Income: Practical Strategies in 45 Minutes

YouTube SEO: Watch Me Rank YouTube Videos (No Commentary)

YouTube Crash Course for Ghalba-e-Islam

Facebook Crash Course for Ghalba-e-Islam

One True God in 40 Minutes: Unlocking the Ultimate Truth

40 分钟认识一位真神 (One True God in 40 Minutes)

The Existence of Allah in 48 Minutes)

Ultimate Truth Unlocked: Creator of Universe in 38 Minutes

The Resurrection by ALLAH (اللہ)

God of Nature in 10 Minutes

Proof of God in Hindi / Urdu

Learn 24-Hour Course Creation Strategies in 30 Minutes

Camera Confidence Solution in 35 Minutes for Shy Introverts

UNSTOPPABLE: Become Real Life Gamer

End Procrastination: Real Time Demonstration in 40 Minutes

Free Courses by Hisham Sarwar (BeingGuru)

Freelancing Course

Learn Copywriting

Free Courses by Imran Ali Dina (GFXMentor)

Logo Design Course -

Adobe Premiere Pro CC Course

Photoshop for Beginners Urdu / Hindi

Adobe Illustrator Complete Course in Urdu / Hindi

Adobe InDesign Complete Course


This website will help you learn multiple skills through crash courses, watch the miracles demonstrated with the Help of Allah and witness the truth of Islam in 21st century of modern science & technology.

This website will also help you become more powerful and confident in your life physically, spiritually, technically, emotionally and financially through available resources.


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