Legendary Services

By the Mercy of Allahﷻ

Legendary Chat:

If you want to talk to me one-on-one, you can do so through premium chat. Through this you can ask me questions, get ideas, discuss any topic, get advice regarding any confusion, get guidance regarding your business or career or freelancing or relationship. Or you can talk to me about any other matter without worry. All this conversation will be between us and I will delete all the track record after the conversation is over but I am not responsible for the networks of non-Muslims because their systems are not under my control except for removal. This is made clear so that there should be no misunderstanding or confusion later on between us, thank you!

Legendary Cure:

If you want to get relief from any incurable disease by the Command of ALLAH (اللہ), then Deposit: PKR 100,000 per month to my legendary team's MCB bank account number:

Bank Name = MCB Assan
Bank Account Title = Zahira Bano
Bank Account Number = 112 190 365 100 5902 - 0000
Bank IBAN = PK41 MUCB 1121 9036 5100 5902

And provide them following information through Whatsapp: +923332100668

Patient's Full Name
Patient's Mother Name
Patient's Date of Birth
Patient's Medical Test Reports
Patient's City and Country

After you will be done with above procedure, your incurable disease will start going away from your human body by the Command of ALLAH (اللہ) The King of Miracles & Healings

Disclaimer: If you belong to any media channel or try to check something by faking a false illness, then I am giving you a clear warning that ALLAH (اللہ) is aware of all your intentions and actions, so in such a case, I will not be responsible for the loss of any of your money because you will be responsible for it from Allah, and you yourself will be held guilty, so absolutely do not try to do such an act and you have been clearly warned!!!

Legendary Weather:

If I want earthquakes, storms or weather to reverse in any country or city, and Allah wants it to happen, then it happens by Allah's command, but if ALLAH (اللہ) does not will, then nothing happens, so this Legendary Weather Service is based on prayer and I am representing it with my faith only in ALLAH (اللہ)

After ordering Legendary Weather Service and depositing the payment, if your desired result does not appear by Allah's command in 7 days from the date of ordering it, I will refund your full payment without any deduction (bank charges are solely their own responsibility)

If you want:
Hot Weather Transformation into Cool Weather
Cool Weather Transformation into Hot Weather
Wind Storm of Several Days to Stop
Get Relief from the Shocks and Destruction of Earthquakes

Then you can talk to me on Skype (realisticzee) for this service. I will check the weather's condition of your city through official reports of media news channels to confirm what the weather is like. After that I will give you the bank account number to deposit the fee and after receiving the fee I will hand over the case of your city to ALLAH (اللہ)

After that, wait for the change manifested by the Command of ALLAH (اللہ)

Disclaimer: If you believe that seasons change only by chance then there is absolutely no need to contact me for this service because I am not providing this service to disbelievers.

Legendary Resurrection:

The Incredible Legendary Spiritual Business Service of the 21st Century available now only through Legendary Freelancer's platform by the Mercy of ALLAH (اللہ) the Ancient Holy King of the Universe.

This service is based upon prayers to help restore the soul in dead person or a dead bird or a dead beast or a dead insect anywhere in the world with the Help of ALLAH (اللہ)

Check out Resurrection page for more details.


Legendary Lights:

The Legendary Lights (spiritual lights) help to heal pain, remove demons from the human body, cure diseases like cough, cold, coronavirus, fever etc. This product was discontinued on May 20, 2020.