Legendary Services

Legendary Chat Service:

Want to chat with me one-on-one?

This is the way to go with me thorugh premium chat.

This will allow you to ask me questions, discuss any topic, receive advice regarding any confusion, or seek guidance regarding your business, career, freelancing, or relationship.

You can also talk to me about any other matter without any concerns, our conversation will be private and confidential, and I will delete your chat with me once the conversation is over except BEFORE / AFTER part without revealing any of your personal information.

If you agree with above then feel free to proceed with premium chat and I see you with me :)

Legendary Cure Service:

If your patient has been suffering on ventilator machie in incurable condition and medical doctors have given up and you have also tried other kind of healing methods, sadqa khairat etc but there is no major improvement then now it's time to try your luck with me and give me a chance on this case since I love incurable ventilator cases because everything can be seen right on the machines regarding improvement of health condition of ventilator patient so there can be no gimmick or lies.

Further, I can easily test and verify the condition of patient through your provided video footages from my home because I do not need to visit any hospital of the world and the case will be handed over to ALLAH (اللہ) the Holy Mighty King of Universe, the Perfect Master & Perfect Healer of all diseases including death (yes, Allah can restore soul in dead bodies and give new life as well).

Starting from $5K USD up to $20K USD according to condition of your ventilator patient.

Simply send me a direct message on Skype (realisticzee) and I will further discuss with you regarding your patient.

Once we agreed upon the case to continue, I will share with you bank details where you will deposit entire fee then I will pray to ALLAH (اللہ), the King of Miracles and Healings, to heal your incurable ventilator patient. If you see no healing and improvement in your incurable ventilator patient in 7 days from the date of payment and medical test reports do not improve than the older one provided to me by you then I will refund back all your funds competely without any question because that will be a clear sign that ALLAH (اللہ) does not to heal your incurable ventilator patient through my prayers.

In such case, I would suggest you consult with other spiritual healers or check my recommended doctors.

Disclaimer: If you are part of any media channel and attempt to deceive me by faking ventilator patient then be sure that you cannot deceive ALLAH (اللہ) and if ALLAH (اللہ) punishes you for your lies then I will not be responsible for any damage done to you and your team by ALLAH (اللہ) WAHID AL QAHAR

Legendary Weather Service:

Through this service, you can request me to pray ALLAH (اللہ) WAHID AL QAHAR for the transformation of the weather system of your city anywhere in Pakistan.

The purpose is to help the people of your city enjoy hot weather from cold or cold weather from hot condition. However, I do not control the weather systems as ALLAH (اللہ) is the controller of everything.

Based on my spiritual experiments and experiences so far, I believe that when I request and pray ALLAH (اللہ) and He agrees then ALLAH (اللہ) transforms the weather and brings the massive change even against the claims of Pakistan Meteorological Department therefore this Legendary Weather Transformation Service is solely based on prayer and my faith in ALLAH (اللہ)

What type of outcome can you expect or request to be done?

Hot to Cold: If your city is suffering extreme heatwave and people are burning then weather can be transformed into cool condition like air condition is turned on for the people of your city

Cold to Hot: If people of your city are suffering too cold and it is unbearable then weather can be transformed into hot mode so the life can become normal for daily activity.

Storm Reversal: If there is a continued storm in your city like it happened with Muree in 2021 then you can request for its reversal and it will be stopped.

Rain System: If there is no raining in your city for a long time and you want raining to be started then it can happen.

In order to avail this service, you will have to deposit $50K USD into my provided bank account then I will request ALLAH (اللہ) to bring the change in condition of your city according to your desire. You will have to provide me media news reports regarding current weather condition of your city as proof so it can be compared with another news later on.

If ALLAH (اللہ) accepted my request then you will see the sudden change within 24 hours and gradally the result will appear by the Command of ALLAH (اللہ) but if ALLAH (اللہ) did not agree then no result will occur. In such case, whole fee will be refunded back.

For the purpose of ordering this service, add me on Skype (realisticzee) and we'll discuss.

Legendary Resurrection:

Welcome to the 21st Century of Modern Science & Technology with Incredible and Unbelievable Spiritual Business Service of the 21st Century by the Mercy of ALLAH (اللہ)

In collobration with Moulana Abrar Alam, the Spiritual Muslim Saint of the 21st Century, I am offering this Legedary Resurrection Service of the 21st Century for those who believe that prayers of Aulia Allah can help restore soul by the Command of ALLAH (اللہ)

For more details, check Resurrection page.


Legendary Lights:

The Legendary Lights, which are spiritual lights, can aid in the healing of pain, the removal of demons from the human body, and the treatment of diseases such as cough, cold, coronavirus, fever, etc. However, please note that this product was discontinued on May 20, 2020.