Comeback Story of Legend

After encountering mental health damage back in 2018, before arrival as the Legendary Freelancer, I've had been in the IT Industry for over 14 years as an international Top 1% Ranked Freelancer and delivered over 510+ web projects while maintained a perfect 5-star profile by the mercy of ALLAH (اللہ)

The Legend of ALlAH (اللہ)

My name is Zeeshan Arshad aka Doctor Legend or in short 'Legend' who has experiences of working, communicating and helping people from all over the world through one-on-one conversations on the internet for the last 20 years.

2015 was the year when I started selling online courses on Udemy marketplace and my online instructor career started.

In addition, I also got interested in virtual reality and becoming an influencer due to 25 years of experiences in gaming industry therefore I started helping companies and developers with my ideas and suggestions to help them improve their VR games.

However, when I went inside Facebook groups and helped freelancing beginners and small business owners (even some entrepreneurs in Pakistan by going into their physical offices), I encountered envy peers of the industry against my selfless efforts while I was trying to become more social and help them through my decades of freelancing business knowledge without asking any charges.

Their insulting and rude behaviors, blockages and criticism was so extreme and I was keep absorbing it all without reflecting back to them and when I shared about it all to my wife she made me realized I was being fooled and misused.

The moment, I realized what happened, was the moment all of my wounds started to bleed which affected severe mental health damage to my mindset and I got shattered down, lost my self-confidence and my brain started to malfunction.

This slow poison put me in a situation where I found myself alone in the dark and not being able to express myself through words in writing anymore and my programming career was devasted because I could not sit properly for using computer to code on screen, although I could look normal as a human externally, it was an unknown miserable state of my life ever.

I was bleeding like a wounded lion against cruel people of the society who were pushing back shy high achievers when they try to show up with some courage to giveback to society and speak the truth.

Despite feeling suicidal and fed up of this world, I wasn't willing to give up being a gamer and faithful Muslim believer in ALLAH (اللہ)


Since I was also fond of reading magical stories and religious books since my childhood, with interest in religions, martial arts, spirituality and gaming, I worked hard every single day to move out from an unresolved mystery of my life.

An unknown journey being...

The journey when it was also discovered that "who I am after all?" by the mercy of ALLAH (اللہ) the King of Universe, Creator and God of Naure.

Beside ALLAH (اللہ), I was spiritually supported by the Holy Mighty Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) the Son of Aminah bint Wahb and Holy Mighty Prophet Eesa the Son of Maryam during my transformational journey and my return is divinely connected with arrival of the storm of corona virus in the 21st century...

The practical proof that corona virus has a connection with me is my divine corona immunity that I will never die by any wave of any corona virus which is clear Sign of the Power & Existence of ALLAH (اللہ)

ALLAH (اللہ) The King of Healing & Miracles who created and brought the storm of corona virus in all over the world is protecting me therefore no wave of corona virus can ever harm or kill me even without wearing any mask, without using any vaccine and without protecting my physical body through modern science equipments.

Indeed, ALLAH (اللہ) the God of Islam is the ultimate truth.

I have returned with the help, mercy, might, power and command of ALLAH (اللہ) The King of Miracles, Creator of the Universe & God of Nature.

I am grateful and thankful to ALLAH (اللہ) the Holy Mighty King of Universe who always helped me during my difficulties despite of my sins and mistakes.

And to Muhammad (ﷺ) the Holy Mighty Prophet of Universe who helped me against infidels and devils through out my journey and came into my dreams for special support by the Mercy of ALLAH (اللہ)

And to Moulana Abrar Alam the Spiritual Wireless Doctor of Incurable who transformed me into an extraordinary Legendary Muslim Man of Islam from gamer and freelancer by the Mercy of ALLAH (اللہ)

And to my wife, children creatures of nature and all those random strangers who helped me by the Mercy of ALLAH (اللہ)

Zeeshan Arshad,
Legendary Freelancer [Powered by ALLAH]

Let See What Happens!
May 7, 2021 (24th Ramadan 1442)

One month later...

Three months later...