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In the realm of the 21st century, Zeeshan Arshad hails from the powerful land of Pakistan, embodying the role of a Renaissance Muslim Man in Islam. Bestowed with Holy Powers, he stands as an unyielding shield against the waves of the corona virus with divine immunity forever by the Power of ALLAH (اللہ) the Divine King of universe.

Zeeshan Arshad, a legendary freelancer with unbelievable confidence and wields a multitude of skills and talents. He encompasses the realms of computer hardware and software knowledge, web apps development, chatgpt, networking, domain & hosting, video editing, graphic designing, game development and beta testing adventures, spiritual healings, mindset transformation, weather transformations, copywriting, creative writing, facebook marketing, youtube public speaking, vr gaming and the search engine optimization by the boundless Mercy of ALLAH (اللہ)

With over 20 years of successful freelancing business under his belt, Zeeshan Arshad achieved remarkable feats while balancing his life as a gamer, venturing into realms such as pc games, arcade games, nintendo, sega, atari, playstation, xbox and many more . He earned over $100K+ USD selling web development services only while continue playing video games. He explains wisdom of Holy Quran of Allah (ﷻ) and Sayings of the last Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) through video games and by the Abundant Blessings and Mercy of ALLAH (اللہ)

Operating through digital world, Zeeshan Arshad extends his knowedge to people across the globe through various social media platforms, sharing his wisdom and answering their burning questions. Moreover, he has embarked on a noble quest, showcasing the truth of Islam through miraculous demonstrations, countering the conflicts fueled by religious wars and the influence of false gods. He has shared the miracles and personal stories of spiritual experiences and challenges to disbelivers of Islam on his official website: www.zeeshanarshad.com

Zeeshan Arshad speaks and writes both English and Urdu languages. Unyielding in his web portals, bear the Divine Signatures of ALLAH in Arabic "اللہ" for refuting disbelievers of Islam and Spirituality of Islam forever.

Surely, Allah gives whom He wills without measure. -Quran 3.37

The King of Multiple Skills by ALLAH (God)

0 Allah, 0 Lord of the Kingdom, You give kingdom to whom You will, and take kingdom away from whom You will; and You bestow honour on whom You will, and bring disgrace to whom You will. In your hand lies the good. You are surely powerful over everything. -Legendary Quran 3.26

Legendary Freelancer Web Developer Master of crafting web pages with divine precision and creativity.
Legendary Freelancer Teacher Author of 22+ enchanting courses, conjuring words that captivate minds.
Legendary Freelancer Business Consultant Providing sacred guidance for IT businesses to thrive and prosper.
Legendary Freelancer Video Games Beta Tester Unleashing righteous judgment upon game worlds, ensuring their perfection.
Legendary Freelancer Spiritual Muslim Scientist Combining faith and knowledge to explore the mysteries of the universe.
Legendary Freelancer Multiclass Mentor Guiding seekers on a virtuous path towards unlocking their true potential.
Legendary Freelancer Mindset Transformation Expert Harnessing the power of the mind to overcome obstacles and achieve greatness.
Legendary Freelancer Intuitive Psychologist Delving into the depths of the mind, providing insights and healing in times of darkness.
Legendary Freelancer Spiritual Healer Channeling divine energy to restore harmony and well-being to the spirit.
Legendary Freelancer Video Editor Master of imagination, editing videos with finesse and artistry.
Legendary Freelancer Mercenary of Wisdom Offering guidance in Career, Freelancing, Business, Religion, Gods, and Afterlife.
Legendary Freelancer Master of Life's Trials A compassionate ear, counseling and guiding hand to those in need of solace and guidance.

Transformational Legend with ALLAH (God)

Allah keeps the believers firm with the stable word in the worldly life and in the Hereafter; and Allah lets the unjust go astray; and Allah does what He wills. -Legendary Quran 14.27

Coronavirus Delta Wave

Miracle of Allahﷻ for reversing the corona virus delta wave in Karachi, Pakistan.

Heng Tong 77

Miracle of Allahﷻ for bringing out the heng tong 77 ship from sand in Karachi, Pakistan.

Legend with Storm

Legend of Allahﷻ with Storm of ALLAH Wahid Al Qahar in Lahore, Pakistan.

Garam Toofan

Legend of Allahﷻ ka garam toofan by Allah Wahid Al Qahar in Murree Accident (2022), Pakistan.

Reversed the Weather

Legend of Allahﷻ reversed the weather of Karachi with Help of Allah Wahid Al Qahar.

Legend vs Meteorology

Legend of Allahﷻ vs Meteorology Department on Baarish Ka Imkaan in Karachi, Pakistan.

Legend vs Forecast

Legend of Allahﷻ Weather Forecast Parh Ta Hai? (Allahu Akbar)

Spiritual Wars

Spiritual Wars The Legend of ALLAH (Most Epic Spiritual Warfare Against Scientific Forecast Claim)

Busted Engineer Mirza

Legend of ALLAH Exposed and Busted Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza Against Aulia Allah Forever

God of Christianity

Legend of Allahﷻ exposed false god of false religion christianity and experienced miracle of Allahﷻ

Transformed Heatwave

Legend of Allahﷻ transformed extreme heatwave weather against forecast with Allahﷻ

Israel Earthquake

Legend of Allahﷻ sent earthquake on Israel with Help of Allahﷻ

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All miracles were performed by ALLAH (اللہ) WAHID AL-QAHAR because...


Only ALLAHﷻ helps Muslims grow their faith in Islam beyond doubts because...


There is no God except ALLAHﷻ
Prophet Muhammadﷺ is last Messenger of Allahﷻ

اللہ اکبر
اللہ واحد القہار
الحمدللہ رب العالمین


This website will help you learn multiple skills through crash courses, watch the miracles demonstrated with the Help of Allah and witness the truth of Islam in 21st century of modern science & technology.

This website will also help you become more powerful and confident in your life physically, spiritually, technically, emotionally and financially through available resources.


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