Heal Incurable Ventilator Patient.

Heal your incurable ventilator patient miraculously with this spiritual, wireless global service from Legendary Freelancer!

Wireless Healing

Spiritual wireless treatment, no physical equipmens or hand-touch is required!

Flexible Use

Show an evidence, medical reports, or anything else through camera!

Easy to Use

This healing can be used for any age of incurable ventilator patient!

Powered by ALLAHﷻ

Since it is by ALLAH, it can be used to heal any incurable ventilator patient in the world!

Enter a new age of wireless treatment

This spiritual wireless treatment service is perfect for curing all kinds of incurable diseases, magic attacks or devils from physical human body or cure any incurable ventilator patient without physical travel and meeting, by the Power of Allahﷻ


Starting from USD $1000
Available for Muslims and Non-Muslims


Real Testimonials

Real Interview of Lady Doctor About Coronavirus

One-on-one interview session with a lady doctor at hospital about coronavirus and its symptoms.

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Frequently Asked

Find answers to your questions

How does spiritual wireless treatment work?
It works through prayers and special verses of Holy Quran with the help of ALLAHﷻ the Holy Mighty King of Universe.

How long will it take for the incurable ventilator to heal?
The incurable ventilator patient's condition will be healed & improved in 3-7 days by the Power of ALLAHﷻ the Holy Mighty King of Universe.

What information is required to proceed for ICU/CCU patient?
You can find details on application form.

How long can you stay on a BiPAP?
BiPAP cannot be continued without a break for too long (>24-48 hours) without causing nutritional problems and pressure necrosis of the nasal skin. Thus, if the patient fails to improve on BiPAP for 1-2 days, then a transition to HFNC or intubation is needed. ~ Source

Does BiPAP improve oxygenation?
While CPAP works to improve only oxygenation (hypoxemic respiratory failure), the use of BiPAP improves not only oxygenation but also ventilation with the use of pressure support. There are different types of BiPAP modes. ~ Source

Is BiPAP used for Covid?
Evidence suggests that bi-level positive airway pressure (BiPAP) support may be used in the hospital setting with appropriate precautions for intubated COVID-19 patients experiencing Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS). ~ Source

Is BiPAP good for Covid?
First it was oxygen ventilators and now it's the bi-Pap machines running out of stock! Clinically known as bi level positive airway pressure, doctors are recommending the machine to COVID patients with compromised lung health. ~ Source

⚡ For medical advice or medicines, please consult doctors.

⚡For incurable cases, medical or video proof is required.

⚡Doctors should not stop doing their efforts through medicines and scientific equipments on incurable ventilator patient.

⚡No other spiritual healer is allowed to work on incurable ventilator patient while it is under Legendary Freelancer.

⚡ Legendary Freelancer will spiritually and wirelessly work on any incurable patient for spiritual treatment, please do not ask for physical visit to any hospital, home or other locations.

⚡ Legendary Freelancer will not be responsible for death of any critical ventilator patient if the soul is taken away through angels by the Command of Allahﷻ